Day Camp: 390 – 550 KM

Day Camp: 390 – 550 KM

Intended for those who want to experience all the charms of the camp, but without staying overnight.

The daily program includes all the activities of the other programs. It is possible to choose the option with or without transportation. In the transportation program, a van picks the children up in the morning, brings them to the ski resort, and then to the Pegasos Center for other camp activities. They are returned in the evening according to the schedule agreed upon with the parents. In the second case, parents bring their children to the Pegasos Center for breakfast every morning by 8:30, and come to pick them up in the afternoon or evening.

The activities of the day camp depend on the program you choose – ski school, riding school, or intensive riding sports school.

Educational, sports and entertainment activities of the camp are:
  • Skiing / horseback riding / sport riding – depending which program you choose
  • Hiking trips – using snow equipement while walking through snow
  • Ice skating – hockey training with hockey club instructors
  • Orienteering – competition in sports orienteering
  • Archery – archery and developing precision
  • Competitions – Winter Pegasos Olimpic games
  • Radionice – first aid, mountaineering and climbing, winter dangers in the mountains, creative and art workshops
  • Evening party – Games Night, Unlimited Cinema, masquerade and disco night

390 KM
Day sport & ski and sport & riding camp without transport

490 KM
Day riding camp without transport

450 KM
Day sport & ski and sport & riding camp with transport

550 KM
Day riding camp with transport