Sport & Ski Camp: 450

Sport & Ski Camp: 450

Ski school for beginners, intermediate, and advanced skiers.

The main activity of the camp is skiing. Campers are divided into three groups – beginners, intermediate, and advanced. The ski school covers the basics for beginners and focuses on improving coordination, style, and safety for intermediate and advanced skiers. Ski lessons are held at the “Ravna planina” ski resort, or the “Babin do” ski resort on Bjelašnica, depending on the weather conditions in the mountains. In case of lack of snow, the skiing will be substituted with other activities and the days will be filled and used to the maximum.

In addition to skiing, campers get acquainted with various sport activities every day, competing and learning new skills.

The educational, sports, and entertainment activities of the camp are:
  • Skiing – ski lessons at Ski resorts “Ravna planina” or “Babin do”
  • Hiking trips – using snow equipement while walking through snow
  • Ice skating – hockey training with hockey club instructors
  • Orienteering – competition in sports orienteering
  • Archery – archery and developing precision
  • Competitions – Winter Pegasos Olimpic games
  • Radionice – first aid, mountaineering and climbing, winter dangers in the mountains, creative and art workshops
  • Evening party – Games Night, Unlimited Cinema, masquerade and disco night

450 KM
5 days, all inclusive