Riding Camp: 550 KM

Riding Camp: 550 KM

Intended for those who want to dedicate themselves entirely to riding and horses.

This intensive sports riding school in English and Bosnian is ideal for riders with prior knowledge and experience. Every camper gets their own horse on the first day of the camp, which they are in charge of caring for during their 5-day stay in Pegasos. In addition to the obligatory daily grooming, stall cleaning, and feeding in the mornings and evenings, special emphasis is placed on “ground work” horse training, theory, and the psychology of horses and riding.

What makes this program unique is working with horses according to the principles of “natural horsemanship”. Every camper becomes a little ‘horse whisperer’ for their horse. Our experienced instructors gained their knowledge and education for this type of training in the United States, working and learning from real-life cowboys.

The topics of the classes and riding are adjusted to the participants according to their age, category, and riding level. In relation to the daily schedule, campers can choose whether they wish to participate in other activities of the sports camp.

Additional educational, sports and entertainment activities of the camp that the participants of the riding camp can choose every day are:
  • Rock climbing – an introduction to rock climbing through safe and fun exercises at the Dariva climbing area or at the Safet Zajko adrenalin park
  • Hiking trips – one of the excursions: hiking to the Skakavac waterfall, tour of the stećak tombstones near the village of Umoljani with its stone monuments, Studeni potok wildlife park, research trip to the Klokocevica cave, visit to the mountain village of Lukomir, excursion to Trebevic or hiking to Bjelasnica and Javorov do
  • Swimming – refreshment on hot, summer days at the Olympic swimming pool at Otoka
  • Orienteering – competition in sports orienteering
  • Martial arts – karate and aikido basics with black belt trainers
  • Archery – archery and developing precision with and without horses
  • Camping – preparing a campsite, pitching a tent, a campfire, and a night spent in the open air
  • Competitions – Games Without Borders, Retro Games
  • First aid – search and rescue exercise with the Mountain Rescue Service and first aid workshop
  • Workshops – adrenaline park, mountaineering and climbing, ecology and nature conservation, creative and art workshops, DogsTrust… 
  • Evening party – Games Night, Outdoor Cinema, Western and Disco Night

550 KM
5 days, all inclusive