Horseback Riding School

Horseback Riding School

A block of ten training hours provides a structure and continuity that inevitably brings a positive result to the rider. The approach to each rider is individual, and the style, pace, and activities are adjusted to their current level. They ride in group selected according to the age and riding skills of the participants, and the progress of their acquired knowledge is monitored through the riding records of each participant.

Riding classes are held once or more a week and the dates are agreed upon between the instructor and the rider. The goal of the riding school program is for the rider to acquire basic riding skills through continuous work; get acquainted with the basics of horse care, nutrition, and psychology; and achieve maximum independence in relation to the horse. Three levels of riding school are provided for riders over seven years of age:

  1. Beginner level: the rider gets acquainted with basic riding concepts, masters the basics of attitude and care for the horse, learns the basics of riding – balance, management, coordination, mastering the knowledge of the use of equestrian equipment, etc.
  2. Advanced level: riders who have grasped the basics of the first level may pass into mastering the art of riding in faster horse movements and approach more demanding maneuvers. At this second level, the instructor insists on the independence of the rider in a complete relationship with their horse and equipment.
  3. Experienced level: this level is the one in which the rider is completely independent in relation to horses, equipment and riding. Third level riders learn the basics of horse nutrition, equestrian sports, breeds, psychology, hurdling, and trail riding.

We believe that continuity and quality are two basic factors for success and progress and this is exactly what we aim to provide riders with through our riding school programs.

When you feel that you have mastered the theoretical, practical, and riding elements according to the program that you get when enrolling in the Riding School, apply for the test and take home a well-deserved diploma as a testament to your skill. The first riding level of the riding school is a guarantee that you are a safe and independent rider who is able to take care of yourself, your horse and other participants in riding. The first level is also one of the conditions for joining the Pegasos Equestrian Club, as a full member and is a prerequisite for obtaining a riding license at the level of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The acceptance and understanding of responsibilities form that you must sign before the first riding class can be downloaded here – DOWNLOAD FORM